Padisan's potential for partners

At Padisan, we welcomes mutually beneficial collaborations with other companies of the same reputation and caliber and are willing to provide our potential partners in other countries with the full range of engineering and technical services in kitchen appliances and help them establish assembly lines with semi assembled parts to complete manufacture of the products.

We are capable of providing our potential partners with the required technical assistance and backup in the following capacities:

Product design including design and production of dies, layout and establishment of press shops, glazing and painting shops, assembly, semi-assembly and packaging lines.

Additionally, we are capable of providing the following main parts and components for final assembly of ovens:

  1. Various types of hotplates such as:
    • Stainless steel
    • Temperd-glass
    • Steel with enamel coating in different colors; and
    • Combination of stainless steel and temperd-glass
  2. Cast-iron pan supports
  3. Hob chassis
  4. Burners
  5. Valves
  6. Thermocouple
  7. Ignition boxes
  8. Knobs; and
  9. Handles and other accessories


We are also capable of providing technical trainings for technicians and workers as well as providing CKD parts to help launch and monitor production processes in a timely manner.

Finally, at Padisan, our valued potential partners are welcome to have face-to-face negotiations with us at our factory along with a tour of the factory to become more familiar with our capabilities and equipment.

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