Full control thanks to direct front access

The controls on the gas hob are positioned at the front, so they can be accessed directly, providing maximal control of the cooking process.

Maximum stability during fast and furious cooking

The striking grid design of these pan supports offer you perfection in style and performance. It provides stability for when things get fast and furious.

Stylish gas on stainless steel

Keeps it shiny look, Durable,Scratch resistant, no react with foods, Warp resistant are advantage of this stainless steel hotplate hob.

Stable and Blue flame

Thanks to padisan's sabaf design burner, the oven brings a stable and blue flame with optimal gas energy consumption.

Safety guaranteed thanks to automatic shut-off

If the flame accidentally goes out or if a burner is left on for a very long time, the gas is shut off from the source, ensuring perfect safety.

Automatic integrated ignition

The gas hob is lit automatically when the control knob is pushed and turned, in a single-handed operation.